Press Articles on Dementia Research

31 December 2013 Researchers link high cholesterol levels with Alzheimer’s Scotsman

27 December 2013 Study suggests that having a concussion could be a risk factor for developing Alzheimer`s decades later Herald

23 December 2013 Researchers identify a part of the brain where Alzheimer’s Disease begins Herald

12 December 2013 Prime Minister promises more funding for research on dementia BBC, Scotsman, STV, Herald

11 December 2013 New brain scan will help NHS doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s in patients Daily Mail

10 December 2013 Study finds that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of dementia. BBC

10 December 2013 Dementia: Five priorities BBC

9 December 2013 Researchers develop a test to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease Daily Mail

5 December 2013 Solanezumab may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

4 December 2013 Exercise is good dementia therapy BBC

2 December 2013 Researchers say Alzheimer’s could be a late stage of type 2 diabetes Daily Mail

14 November 2013 Possible eye test which could help diagnose Alzheimer’s BBC

7 November 2013 Researchers find that speaking a second language may delay dementia. BBC

28 October 2013 Study identifies 11 genes linked with Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

17 October 2013 Researchers develop a new test to diagnose Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear Scotsman

12 October 2013 Study finds that exercise releases a chemical which could inhibit onset of Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

10 October 2013 University of Leicester researchers discover a chemical which could prevent the death of brain tissue in diseases such as Alzheimer’s. BBC Scotsman  Daily Mail

1 October 2013 Study finds that stress may increase the risk of dementia in women BBC

19 September 2013 Researchers develop a brain scan to detect early signs of Alzheimer`s BBC

11 September 2013 Drug to beat Alzheimer’s: Experts discover diabetes treatment reverses disease Daily Express

4 September 2013 Study finds that a “Mediterranean” diet could help ward off Alzheimer`s Herald

2 September 2013 Study finds that statins can help prevent dementia Herald & Daily Mail

29 August 2013 Researchers find that low levels of a protein in the brain may cause memory loss BBC

20 August 2013 Researchers link copper in the diet with risk of Alzheimer`s Disease. BBC

13 August 2013 Researchers develop a face-recognition test to diagnose early dementia BBC

8 August 2013 Research study claims that higher blood sugar levels are associated with higher dementia risk Herald

8 August 2013 Research study claims that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help older people keep their brains healthy. BBC

6 August 2013 Research finds that mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s in later life. Daily Mail

3 August 2013 New drug compounds target Alzheimer`s with `high precision` Scotsman

3 August 2013 Brain injury research reveals link between early onset dementia and rugby Daily Record

30 July 2013 Poor dental health linked to Alzheimer’s Herald

29 July 2013 Researchers develop a blood test to diagnose Alzheimers Disease  BBC

26 July 2013 Researchers are studying the use of blood pressure drugs in slowing dementia Daily Mail

17 July 2013 Study finds rates of dementia are falling BBC

17 July 2013 Dogs are being trained to help people with dementia in Scotland Courier

15 July 2013  A new drug, SIRT1 (Sirtuin1), could offer protection against Alzheimers Scotsman

24 June 2013 Study finds that people with high IQs when young could avoid dementia in later life. STV

9 June 2013 Arc protein ‘could be key to memory loss’ BBC

24 May 2013 Video game enthusiasts meet in Glasgow to develop aids for people with dementia BBC

24 May 2013 Researchers assess the effectiveness of the drug bexarotene in treating Alzheimers Scotsman

21 May 2013 Could taking vitamin B ward off Alzheimers Disease Daily Mail

20 May 2013 Study links breathing problems during sleep with risk of Alzheimers Scotsman

8 April 2013 Researchers identify genes which could indicate a raised risk of Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

3 April 2013 President Obama announces a new initiative to map the brain BBC

26 March 2013 Study links dementia with infections such as herpes Scotsman

25 March 2013 Scottish Government and Alzheimer’s Research UK make £450,000 available for dementia research Evening Times

12 March 2013 Researchers find that sleep loss may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s Disease Herald

12 March 2013 Study finds that regular exercise can help to delay dementia Daily Mail

11 March 2013 Researchers develop a new test for Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

14 February 2013 Study finds that HRT could help prevent Alzheimer’s in women. – Scotsman

6 February 2013 Study finds that chemicals in wine and tea could help prevent Alzheimer’s. The Scotsman.

14 January 2013 New milkshake is said to help reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Herald & Scotsman.

8 January 2013 Researchers say people prescribed beta-blockers may be less likely to develop dementia. BBC

3 January 2013 Researchers say likelihood of suffering dementia may be determined before birth. Scotsman

1 January 2013 Scientists claim space travel could trigger Alzheimer’s Disease. Scotsman