Press Articles on Dementia Research

27 December 2012 Scientists develop brain scan to determine different types of dementia. BBC

13 December 2012 Scientists identify three stages in life which play key role in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease  – Mail

11 December 2012 Study suggests feeling lonely can contribute to Alzheimer’s risk – Mail

5 December 2012 Researchers develop a new drug, MK-8931, to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. The Herald

9 November 2012 Study finds that contraceptive pill can help delay Alzheimer’s in women. Daily Mail

6 November 2012 Researchers use brain scans to detect Alzheimer’s 2 decades before symptoms BBC

29 October 2012 Dundee researchers study the role of an enzyme, OGT, in Cancer, Diabetes and Dementia – BBC 

26 October 2012  Edinburgh study finds that physical exercise can help improve brain health in older people. Caledonian Mercury

25 October 2012 Researchers study reduced risk reports between HRT and Alzheimer’s Disease in women. Scotsman

16 October 2012 Scientists develop nanotechnology nasal spray to aid early detection of the condition. The Herald

3 October 2012 Study links the use of benzodiazepines with a raised risk of dementia Daily Mail

1 October 2012 Researchers identify proteins involved in diseases such as Alzheimer’s STV 

28 September 2012 Study links the use of benzodiazepines with a raised risk of dementia. Scotsman & Telegraph.

27 September 2012 Study finds that male DNA in the female brain may protect against Alzheimer’s. Telegraph

24 September 2012 Aberdeen researchers receive £84,000 funding from Alzheimer’s Research UK STV

19 September 2012 Rural life may double the risk of Alzheimer’s reported in the Scotsman and Countryside link to Alzheimer’s reported in The Herald

16 September 2012 Scientists plead for urgent action to tackle the growing dementia crisis. Guardian

6 September 2012 Study reveals problems sleeping may be an early indicator of Alzheimers disease. BBC

29 August 2012 Scientists question why women are more prone to the Alzheimer’s Disease. Daily Mail

24 August 2012 Study finds women suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease deteriorate faster than male counterparts – The Daily Mail

21 August 2012 Researchers find obesity linked to faster decline in mental ability – in the Scotsman

20 August 2012 Researchers say compound found in red wine may aid balance in older people – in the Scotsman

17 Aug 2012 Study into dementia discovers elderly people with remarkable memories – in the Daily Mail

14 Aug 2012 Study claims eating dark chocolate daily could stave off the disease in older people. The Scotsman

7 Aug 2012 Drug firms stop developing Bapineuzumab due to failure in clinical trials. BBC

6 Aug 2012 Researchers that the rate of decline in Alzheimer’s patients decreases with age – Daliy Mail

25 July 2012 Researchers develop a drug to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease – in the Herald

19 July 2012 Scientists find raised level of a fatty acids linked to Alzheimer’s disease risk in the Scotsman

18 July 2012 Alcohol intake increases risk of dementia – BBC

17 July 2012 Study into sleeping patterns and dementia risk – in the Scotsman

17 July 2012 Advances in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s discussed – in the Scotsman

16 July 2012 Edinburgh care firm is using electronic tags to keep track of patients with dementia – in the Scotland on Sunday

12 July 2012 Protein discovered which my protect against the Alzheimer’s disease – in the Scotsman

12 July 2012 New Study into the use of brain scans as an early warning of Alzheimer’s risk – BBC

9 July 2012 Researchers study sea urchins for genetic clues to Alzheimers & Cancer – in the Scotsman

2 July 2012 Chronic inflammation in early life linked to Alzheimer’s disease Scotsman

15 June 2012 Researchers find a possible genetic link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

13 June 2012 Cochrane Review team finds no evidence that fish oils help prevent dementia BBC

11 June 2012 Researchers develop a vaccine to help treat Alzheimer’s Article in the Daily Record and Daily Mail.

16 May 2012 US Government publishes a national plan to fight Alzheimer’s Disease reported on BBC website

8 May 2012 Study reveals people with a purpose in life may be less at risk from the Alzheimers disease reported in the Scotsman

6 May 2012 Range of brain diseases could be treated by single drug reported by the BBC

3 May 2012 Scientists claim eating oily fish and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids may reduce risk of Alzheimers. Reported in the Scotsman 

26 April 2012 Scientists say eating berries may reduce cognitive decline in the elderly reported in the Scotsman

19 April 2012 Study finds keeping active may cut Alzheimers disease risk, report in the Herald

7 April 2012 Scottish Football Museum’s reminiscence project is to be rolled out across Scotland article in the Herald

5 April 2012 Edinburgh researcher Karen Horsburgh receives a £335,000 grant to fund her study of Alzheimer’s, See the Scotsman

4 April 2012 Researchers find that statins can be effective against Alzheimer’s. Articles in the Scotsman & Herald

15 March 2012 Researchers find a link between diabetic retinopathy and declining brain function in older women. BBC

8 March 2012 Study finds that the drug aricept (donepezil) can improve treatment of Alzheimer’s, BBC, Scotsman, Daily Mail

8 March 2012 NHS Dumfries and Galloway tests the use of a tracking device for people with dementia BBC

7 March 2012 Researchers target the amyloid-beta protein in the search for a treatment for Alzheimer’s, in the Scotsman

24 February 2012 Some antipsychotic medication may increase the risk of death in patients with dementia more than others, according to new research. BBC News

16 February 2012 Healthy volunteers sought for dementia study into how the brain changes as we age at Aberdeen University

15 February 2012 Study links sleep problems with a raised risk of Alzheimer’s Disease reported in Science Daily

10 February 2012 Researchers find that a skin cancer drug, bexarotene, can treat Alzheimer’s in mice. BBCDaily Mail

3 February 2012 Researchers devise a new test for risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Daily Mail

26 January 2012 Study claims men may be at greater risk of pre-dementia than women BBC, Daily Mail

26 January 2012 Scientists artificially create brain cells affected by Alzheimers to aid research. Nature, Daily Mail

19 January 2012 Researchers find that anti-depressants increase the risk of dementia patients suffering falls BBC

10 January 2012 Study claims use of nicotine patches may help improve the memory of older people. BBC

6 January 2012 Research on the ages at which adults begin to lose their mental abilities BBC, Daily Mail, Scotsman

5 January 2012 Researchers test spinal fluid for early indications of risk of dementia Scotsman