ENRICH Care Home Research

Enabling Research in Care Homes

This is a simple, practical guide for researchers, Care home staff, research funders and research network staff. It provides information and further resources for facilitating research in Care Homes in Scotland.

Whilst focusing on dementia the toolkit has been designed to be applicable to other disease areas, and information provided can be used to support the promotion of all high-quality research.

Around 38,000 people with dementia live in Care homes. However, only a small amount of research is conducted in these settings. The Scottish Dementia Clinical Research network (SDCRN) would like to increase the amount of research from its current levels in order to improve the quality of life and quality of care for people with dementia and their families. 

Research in Care Homes will help us to identify how we can meet the needs of the whole person with dementia – their physical, mental, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs – and how staff and families can be supported in the Care Home setting. We hope this toolkit will help us develop evidence to inform best practice to improve quality of life and quality of care in Care Homes.

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Your Care Home can join the ENRICH project by completing our online form or downloading the pdf below and returning it to our freepost address with all your details.

There are more tools and case studies on this website http://www.enrich.dendron.nihr.ac.uk/

The ENRICH leaflets can be downloaded below.

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