The Dementia Research Interest Register

The research interest register for patients with dementia or related cognitive problems and their carers has been set up by the SDCRN.

The dementia research interest register holds the names, contact details, some baseline assessments and medical information of willing participants who are interested in taking part in current or future research studies. 
This register provides a central database of people with dementia and carers of people with dementia who are happy to be contacted about research into the causes and consequences of dementia. 
If you have dementia, or your are a carer of someone with dementia, and you would like to be entered onto the research interest register to get involved in future research projects you can contact us on 01738 414535 or email [email protected] with you name, address and a telephone number. Or you can also send your details to us at our Freepost address:
Murray Royal Hospital
Muirhall Road
       PH2 7BH
The register also allows researchers to link databases together for their research. Researchers can access the database only when they have completed the application for adoption form on the Resources page.