What Does Joining the Register Involve?

Some details about what is required to participate in the research interest register.

We will explain the register in more detail to you and ask you to consent to your information being stored.
Your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and sex will be entered on to a computer database. We will also ask you and/or a health care professional who looks after you for medical information about your condition and any other medical conditions you may have. 
We will ask you for contact details of a carer who could also be contacted about you taking part in any research studies. 
With your permission, we will then do some simple assessments of your memory, how you manage on a day-to-day basis, if you are experiencing any particular difficulties with things like sleeping or eating and if possible we would like to talk to your carer about their thoughts on how you manage. 
Should researchers have a study approved by the Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network and it is suitable for you we will provide the researchers with your details so that they can contact you.
Having your details on the register in no way commits you to participating in any research about which you might be contacted and you can withdraw any time you like without giving any reason to network staff. Withdrawing from the register will not affect any treatment you receive from the Health Service.