How does the SDCRN support research ?

The SDCRN supports world class clinical research into the causes, treatment and effects of dementia. We provide a range of resources to facilitate dementia research.

We run Writing Groups where researchers, psychiatrists and nurses can meet to design future research projects and grant applications. These take place in Dundee, Glasgow, Melrose, Lanarkshire, Aberdeen and Dumfries. We are looking to set one up in Ayr soon. It’s a great way to formulate ideas and meet other researchers and possible collaborators. Email us if you want to join a writing group or want to set one up in your area.

Do you need some training to be a researcher ? If so, go to our Events page where we list training and conference opportunities in Scotland. If you can’t find what you want we may be able to provide you with some informal training or put you in touch with someone who can give you advice.

If you are designing your research study and want some input from people with dementia or carers of people with dementia we can help. We have a database of more than 150 people who are willing to provide feedback on study protocols, grant applications and patient information sheets. Many are also willing to sit on steering committees or advisory boards. Evidence of public and patient input is becoming part of the grant application process with many funders and an essential step in gaining funding for your project.

Are you looking for funding for your study ? A list of funding opportunities is provided on our Funding page.

When you have written your study protocol and secured your funding you will need participants to take part in your study. We have a research interest register with more than 2,400 people on. These people want to take part in dementia research. The people with dementia on the register have their demographic information recorded as well as their diagnosis. They also take various cognitive tests (CDR, ACE III, IADL, NPI & PSMS). The results of these are put on the register so you can pre-select participants suitable for your study. To gain access to the register you will need to apply to have your study adopted by the network. An adoption application can be downloaded from our Resources page.