Advance Notice of Dementia Funding Call from NIHR

Advance Notice of Dementia Funding Call from NIHR

Chief Scientist Office

The Chief Scientist Office has bought into a number of the NIHR programmes highlighted in the NIHR announcement (see pdf below). Scottish researchers have the ability to bid into the dementia research funding call in March 2011 and can apply for 4 of the 7 programmes via the OSCHR partnership

  • Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation programme
  • Health Technology Assessment programme
  • Public Health related programmes
  • Health Services research related programmes

The 3 programmes Scottish researchers can’t apply for directly are more local in their focus, and in Scotland CSO funding is available to cover that territory.
Also, Scottish researchers can be collaborative partners in the 3 programmes that they’re not eligible for.
Scottish researchers into dementia will be very interested in this special call, and the CSO expect a good degree of success.

The Scottish Dementia Research Network will be encouraging applications.