Tackling Smoking & Dementia Summit

Tackling Smoking & Dementia Summit

Date/Time: 4th February 2014

(10 30 am – 3 30 pm)

Venue: Chartered Institute of Housing, 125 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Smoking is a risk factor in developing dementia, and a significant issue in the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. Yet the consideration of smoking and dementia, both in terms of policy and practice, is at an early stage.

This summit will review the existing knowledge around smoking and dementia, engage the pertinent public health interests and decision-makers and explore how we can develop an appropriate response to smoking and dementia in Scotland.

Speakers include:

  • Henry Simmons, CE of Alzheimer Scotland
  • Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland
  • Kate O’Donnell, Professor of Primary Care Research & Development,
  • Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow
  • Graham A Jackson Alzheimer Scotland Professor of Dementia Care, Univ of West of Scotland
  • Lawrence Whalley, Professor Emeritus of Mental Health, University of Aberdeen

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