Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network – SDCRN

Supporting dementia research across Scotland.

After G8: What next for dementia research in Scotland ? is the title of the SDCRN’s third annual conference.

It will be on Monday 24th March, 2014 at the Beardmore Hotel, Clydebank. For the latest information on the conference go to our Conference 2014 page. To book online go ot our online form.

The SDCRN brings together Scotland’s leading academics, clinicians, carers and people with dementia and aims to turn scientific discoveries into safe and effective treatments.

As our population ages the number of people with dementia is set to soar. With an estimated 84,000 people in Scotland having dementia the network’s focus in the next year is to recruit more participants into clinical drug trials for Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia and other types of dementia. If we are to have an impact on reducing dementia and providing better treatments for current and future patients, then research is the way forward.

The SDCRN have launched the ENRICH project with the aim of increasing dementia research in Care Homes across Scotland. More details can be found here.

Our Autumn 2013 newsletter can be downloaded by following this link. Our latest annual report to the Chief Scientist Office is available here.

We also want more patients and members of the public involved in the network. If you are interested please complete our involvement form here.

If you are a researcher looking for participants in you clinical study you should complete the network adoption form downloaded from the Resources page. There are also various reports for researchers interested in carer research topics available here.

Upcoming event

Aims of the Network

  • Building on world class studies
  • A Register for Studies
  • Developing new researchers
  • Quality and quantity
  • Promoting Innovative practice
  • Involving people with dementia
  • Reaching a new population
  • Links with UK and Europe