Failed Drug Test Because Of Urine Temperature?

Whether you’re applying for a job or preparing to participate in a sports competition, one question always comes to mind- “how will you cope if the company requires a drug test before hiring?” You could fail a drug test for many reasons, but the most common is a failed drug test because of urine temperature. Another reason is the actual presence of marijuana in your system. Employers and sports competition organizers are typically stringent regarding urine tests. Thus, there is a need to know how not to fail a drug test.


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What Temperature Does Pee Need to be for a Drug Test?

One question we get too often is, “What temp does pee need to be for a drug test.” If you’re scheduled for a drug test in any lab, the urine has to be within a specific range to ensure accurate results. The urine temperature must be between 97-100 degrees Fahrenheit, considered the normal human body temperature. Unfortunately, many people do not know the urine temp range for drug tests or the reason for it, and that’s why they are likely to fail a urine test or have their urine sample rejected.

Drug screenings typically last around two minutes. During this time, it is expected that your pee will cool down. However, 90° Fahrenheit is still an accepted urine temperature range for drug tests. But collectors know it won’t cool down that fast, so submitting a urine sample within 97-100 degrees Fahrenheit for your test still makes sense. Now that you know the normal urine temperature for a test, the next challenge will be getting the sample you submit to mimic the behavior of real urine. Fortunately, there are several methods to achieve this.

Why Should You Keep Urine Warm?

Three of the most frequent question we see on medical forums about urine tests are:

  • What is the normal temperature for male urine?
  • Why should you keep your urine warm for a drug test?
  • How to keep pee warm for a drug test?

The answer to the second question will offer more perspective on handling the urine test procedure. Collectors require warm urine samples because cold urine features inactive metabolites, which are inactive byproducts of drugs that the body has already metabolized. These metabolites can nullify the accuracy of drug tests. However, heating urine specimens reactivates inactive metabolites, causing them to become detectable again. So, as a marijuana user, you need to consider a different method to approach urinalysis. Otherwise, keep your urine specimen within the recommended temperature range for accurate results.

How to Keep Fake Pee Warm for A Drug Test?

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining the right urine temperature range for drug tests, it’s only right to explain how to keep pee warm for a drug test. Fortunately, there are several ways to do it. You just have to choose the method that’s most convenient for you from the following options:

  1. Heat with a microwave

    Although there are dedicated electric urine warmers for drug tests, many people still opt for using microwaves because of how popular the method has become. However, it’s important to defrost samples if you’ve stored them by freezing them before throwing them in the microwave. Use a temperature strip to check your sample while heating to be sure it doesn’t heat beyond 97-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this temperature range can lead to a failed urine sample.

  2. Place close to the body

    Another popular and effective method is to put the urine sample in a plastic bag and place it close to your body, preferably between your legs. This way, the urine sample adjusts to your body temperature, which is great for testing. However, this method results in the question, “How long does urine stay between your legs before getting warm enough for accurate testing?”

  3. Use hand warmers

    Are you wondering how to keep the pee in a pill bottle warm? Here’s a perfect solution for you. The use of hand warmers is becoming increasingly popular. These are pouches known to activate when heated. The pouches are designed to heat your hands and feet during winter. However, people have learned to also use it to heat urine samples.
    Although highly effective, there are a few reports of failures too. Thus, waiting patiently and ensuring the urine gets to the right temperature before removing it is necessary.

  4. Heating Pads

    Another relatively effective method is the use of heating pads. These heating pads are designed to warm joints and muscles and can be obtained from first drugstores. However, people have since developed ways to use it to warm urine. One of the ways is to wrap the pad around the container of urine and keep it for a while. Heating pads are reusable and easy to use. Most users even suggest that you heat fake urine with heating pads.

  5. Electric urine sample kits

    With the advancement of technology, it’s only natural that tech enthusiasts are finding effective ways to keep urine warm for drug tests. One technological method that’s currently making waves is the use of electric sample kits. You’d just use the direction on the kit to warm your urine. However, it’s important to also mention that there have been a few reports of failures, so it makes sense to be extra careful.

Urine test

How to Use Someone Else’s Pee for a Pee Test?

The first indicator an MRO uses to determine whether a urine sample is fake is the urine temperature. But it’s still possible to use someone else’s urine, provided you know how to go about it. Here’s a detailed review of how to use someone else’s pee for a drug test.

  • Have your friend or anyone pee into a plastic container.
  • Cover the container with a plastic bag and screw the lead to avoid possible leakages.
  • Throw the sealed plastic into a thermos flask filled with boiling water and close the thermos.
  • Otherwise, you can buy and use hand warmers or any methods described above for warming urine.
  • Wear a T-shirt and a short. We typically advise against overdressing to avoid arousing suspicion.
  • Park a few meters away from the lab’s entrance, where you can comfortably tuck the sample into your hand warmer without being seen.
  • You can also place the sample inside your shorts, especially if you have tight undies.
  • Walk into the lab confidently and bring out the sample when you’re asked to go and pee.

How to Use Synthetic Pee for a Urine Drug Test?

Another effective alternative that’s quickly gaining popularity is synthetic urine. These are powder-form kits that turn to urine when you add water. They maintain urine drug test color codes and most properties of real urine, making them an excellent alternative for urine. They’re available in most drug stores and can be snuck in as you’ll sneak in someone else’s urine. Most of them even contain tips on how to keep your pee warm for a drug test. But the availability of so many brands of synthetic pee out there can make it difficult to choose a great one. Here’s a review of our top choices.

TestClear Powdered Human Urine

Manufactured by TestClear, an industry leader in drug testing solutions, this synthetic urine kit offers everything you’ll need to pass a urine test. The kit is also relatively cheaper and easy to use, making it one of the most accessible options out there. Some of the contents of the kit include:

  • Drug-free powdered urine
  • Temperature strip
  • 50ml plastic medical vial
  • Instruction manual
  • Air-activated heater

Including a detailed instruction manual makes it an excellent option for first-time users. The manufacturers claim their urine powder has never failed a drug test. So it is safe to place it among the most reliable options. While the kit contains everything you’ll need, it’s important to state that it is also compatible with other complementary kits.


  • Works within a short time
  • Very effective
  • Ideal for unsupervised drug tests
  • When mixed, it can last for three hours before spoiling.


  • Considered illegal in some states.
  • Not ideal for supervised drug tests.

The Whizzinator

Popularly known as a fake penis, this product exists to help you deceive a collector that may be assigned to watch you pee. If your drug test will involve someone supervising you to be sure you peed, this is an excellent option to avoid a failed drug test because of urine temperature. Each kit contains everything you’ll need to pass the test, including the synthetic urine powder, a fake penis, and a strap that lets it stay comfortable on your waist. So you can just wear the Whizzinator device to your appointment, fill it with pee and use it when it’s time. For the urine’s quality, we found lots of excellent reviews from past uses. Being manufactured by a top company like ALS also adds to the kit’s credibility.

The device is also available in 5 different colors. So users can choose a color that suits their skin color. Its design makes it easy to handle, with its valve silent and discreet to avoid arousing suspicion. At 135.59 dollars, the Whizzinator is relatively expensive, so you’d want to go for an alternative if you don’t have a far budget. But if you do, you can buy this kit as it offers more than you ordinarily ask for.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Relatively discrete and great for supervised drug test
  • It is a complete kit with everything you’ll need to pass your test


  • Unreliable heating element
  • Quite expensive

The Urinator

Here comes another fake urine kit for supervised drug tests. Although the device features a simple working mechanism, it is still effective for routine and one-time drug tests. The device is basically a pouch attached to a tube and a heating element. The pouch works for storing urine, while the tube fills the pouch, and the heating elements ensure optimal temperature. However, the device doesn’t look like a penis in this case, making it an exciting option for both males and females. The heating elements require a 9-volt Duracell battery to work well.

Guess what? The urinator is quite easy to use, although you’ll need some practice to master its use. However, here are some steps for using it:

  1. Fill synthetic urine into the pouch
  2. Insert the recommended battery into the heating element
  3. Heat the fake urine with the heating pad until it gets to the right temperature
  4. Use the test strips included in the package to test the urine temperature
  5. Visit the testing center and discretely empty the urine into the provided container


  • Easy to use
  • Both genders can use it
  • The product can last for up to one year if sealed
  • The heating element helps the urine to stay warm for longer periods


  • The use of batteries so close to your body can seem a bit awkward
  • Requires accurate water measurement for a perfect urine mixture.
  • At $189.95, the urinator is on the higher side of the price divide.

Powdered Human Urine

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The Urinator

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How to Carry Your Pee to the Lab?

Another way to avoid having a failed drug test because of urine temperature is to learn how to carry your urine to the lab. The whole process can be stressful and make lab technicians suspicious if you don’t do it properly. Here are some recommendations on how to move urine into the testing center.

  • Females can hide their urine in their padded bras. Even during the most intense search, technicians will still avoid the breast area, making it a safe zone to sneak peek in.
  • Both genders can hide their urine samples in the crotch area. Simply stick the container into your tight underwear.
  • You can also buy and use a waist belt. However, this option is not as safe as the previous two. It’s still effective in labs with less supervision.


That’s it, a detailed look at how to avoid a failed drug test because of urine temperature. Hopefully, this article has exposed your answer to the question, ” How to keep pee warm for a drug test?”. If you’ve had marijuana or any substance recently and are worried about failing a drug test, don’t worry. The alternatives in this article can help you walk through any drug center without failing your test. Another question we get too often is, “Can you use a 3-day-old urine for a drug test?” We’ll say no, because most drug tests are organized to catch these types of things. So, they will assess the temperature and frequently look for adulterants. Thus, it’s important to always use fresh urine for your test.


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