Meet the Team

The Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network team:


  • Professor Peter Connelly, Co-director SDCRN
    Professor Peter Connelly

    Co-director SDCRN

    Peter graduated MBCh.B from Glasgow University. His initial medical posts were in Geriatric Medicine. From there he…

  • Emma Law, Manager, SDCRN
    Emma Law

    SDCRN Manager

    Emma Law has been the SDCRN manager since June 2009. She is responsible for recruiting, training and developing network staff as well as developing…

  • Professor John Starr, Co-director SDCRN
    Professor John Starr

    Co-director of SDCRN

    John Starr is an NHS consultant and Honorary Professor of Health & Ageing at the University of Edinburgh. He is Co-Director of the University…

Network Staff

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown

    Network Administrator

    Phil is a Geography graduate who has worked for the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. He started working for the SDCRN in October…

NHS Borders

  • Bernie McInally
    Bernie McInally

    Clinical Studies Officer

     Bernie started with the SDCRN in January 2011


NHS Dumfries and Galloway

  • Jane MacDonald
    Jane MacDonald

    Clinical Studies Officer

    Jane qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1984 and has worked predominantly in the…