Patient & Public Involvement

People with dementia, their carers and the public have the opportunity to get involved in the network and also help individual researchers develop their ideas.

People with dementia, their carers and the public can be involved in research studies and also help shape the direction of the network. You can do this by attending local Focus Groups, reviewing Scientific papers, helping us plan our conferences or reviewing research project applications before they are submitted for funding. This can improve the quality of the research study and help secure the necessary funding.

You can find out more about Patient & Pulic Involvement by viewing this Youtube video

You can sign up to our Patient & Public Involvemnet group with our online form at

For researchers, we already have 180 people with dementia, or carers of people with dementia, willing to help you with your research in a variety of ways. Some are willing to review study protocols, comment on your research questionnaires or give you a lay opinion of your research question or Patient Information Sheet.

Having People with dementia and their carers involved in your study design can improve the quality of your research, check that the research question is relevant to patients and provide feedback on the clarity of your lay summary or plans for public involvement during the study.

If you are a dementia researcher and you would like some public input into your study please contact us on 01738 414535 or [email protected].

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