Scottish Care Home Research in dementia

Project Board Mission Statement

Terms of reference

To facilitate the development of care home research capability and capacity within Scotland by:

  • building the evidence base required to advance care home practice:
  • raising the profile of care home research:
  • acting as advocates and promoting the care-home research agenda with appropriate stakeholders including care-home managers, policy makers and research funders


  • To encourage and facilitate high-quality clinical research in care homes in Scotland.
  • To promote the ENRICH programme for care homes which allows them to support, assist and deliver in research.
  • To provide a forum for care-home researchers to engage and network with other researchers and with providers of care.
  • To facilitate comprehensive dissemination of care-home research findings.  As well as sharing research with clinicians, scientists and policy makers at existing meetings we will organise a care-home specific annual public meeting / public seminar series.  In addition we will encourage sharing research findings with residents, families and staff within the care homes that participate in the ENRICH program.
  • To mentor, signpost and advise/ act as critical peers to colleagues preparing care-home research projects; grant submissions or disseminating results.
  • To foster and include students, care home staff and residents’ in projects which enhance practice and promote care home work.