Newspaper Articles on Dementia Research in 2015/16

11 January 2016 Study finds women with type 2 diabetes have a raised risk of vascular dementia Daily Mail

8 January 2016 Blocking brain inflammation ‘halts Alzheimer’s disease’ BBC

3 December 2015 Study finds that walking slowly can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s Independent

1 December 2015 Researchers link low levels of the BRCA1 gene with raised risk of dementia Daily Mail

5 November 2015 Edinburgh researchers are to test new treatments for a type of stroke linked to dementia. Scotsman

27 October 2015 Study assesses the effects of withdrawing the drug Aricept from Alzheimer’s patients Daily Mail

23 October 2015 Aberdeen researchers are developing a drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease Scotsman

23 October 2015 Researchers develop a virtual reality test for Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

22 October 2015 Researchers aim to prevent Alzheimer’s in people at high risk BBC

22 October 2015 Researchers study the use of smell in detecting Parkinson’s Disease BBC STV

21 October 2015 NICE publishes guidance on ways to delay or prevent the onset of dementia Daily Mail

19 October 2015 Researchers close in on a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease Science Daily

18 October 2015 Leukaemia drug nilotinib has helped treat some patients with Parkinson’s Disease Daily Mail

18 October 2015 Researchers test a new drug which could help prevent Huntington’s Disease BBC

16 October 2015 Study explores a possible link between fungus and Alzheimer`s Disease Daily Mail

23 Sept 2015 Researchers find that blood vessels in the brains of dementia patients are deformed. Daily Mail

10 Sept 2015 Study suggests Alzheimer’s disease can be spread between humans BBC

7 Sept 2015 Researchers believe a blood test could be used to predict a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. BBC Daily Mail Independent

28 August 2015 Researchers find that Brain cells ‘burn out’ in Parkinson’s disease. BBC 

6 August 2015 Researchers report a rise in cases of early-onset dementia in the UK Daily Mail

4 August 2015 Study finds some dementia drugs can cause harmful weight loss Medical Daily

23 July 2015 A new drug, Solanezumab, could help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease BBC

22 July 2015 Researchers assess the use of a diabetes drug, glitazone, in treating Parkinson’s.BBC

20 July 2015 Study finds that high blood pressure in middle age can raise the risk of getting dementia Daily Mail

19 July 2015  A new drug, Solanezumab, could help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Sunday Times

16 July 2015  Study finds different rates of Alzheimer’s across ethnic groups Science Daily

14 July 2015 Dundee researchers use fibre optics to measure brain activity in the onset of Alzheimer’s Courier

25 June 2015 Researchers develop digital map of the ageing brain to help diagnosis of Alzheimer’s STV

17 June 2015 Researchers link low levels of a protein MAPKAPK5 with brain decline. BBC Daily Mail

12 June 2015 A new test for certain proteins in the blood could predict risk of dementia Daily Mail

20 May 2015 Study links video games with brain diseases such as dementia Courier  Daily Mail

19 May 2015 Study finds many younger Alzheimer’s patients do not display memory loss Herald

12 May 2015 Researchers study the effects of music and dance on people with dementia BBC

12 May 2015 Study finds that a Mediterranean diet can help prevent dementia Daily Mail

5 May 2015 Researchers develop a drug to halt the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease Scotsman

30 April 2015 Researchers find that intellectually demanding jobs help stave off dementia Scotsman  Daily Mail

24 April 2015 Study suggests long term exposure to air pollution damages brain in older people Scotsman Telegraph

15 April 2015 Study could lead to a drug to prevent dementia BBC Courier Daily Mail

10 April 2015 Study suggests middle-age obesity could protect against dementia Daily Mail BBC

8 April 2015 Study suggests electric shock could help slow dementia Scotsman & Daily Mail

7 April 2015 Study suggests drinking coffee may prevent Alzheimer`s Disease Journal of Caffeine Research

7 April 2015 Researchers link MS to activity in the brain Scotsman

19 March 2015 Study aims to identify those most at risk of getting dementia NewsNetwork

12 March 2015 Study finds that a healthy lifestyle could help prevent dementia Daily Mail

25 February 2015 Researchers develop a skin test for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s BBC

24 February 2015 UK wide project asks people to sign up as volunteers for dementia research studies BBC

17 February 2015 Researchers identify a molecule which could help treat Alzheimer’s Disease Daily Mail  Scotsman

16 February 2015 Alzheimer’s Research UK launches drug research units BBC

16 February 2015 Study finds women more affected by dementia than men Scotsman

11 February 2015 Researchers develop a breath test for Parkinson’s Disease BBC

9 February 2015 Researchers find that meditation could slow the development of Alzheimer’s Disease Express

6 February 2015 Researchers study the influence of lifestyle on blood flow in the brain STV

30 January 2015 Study finds that an ingredient of beer could help to ward off dementia and Parkinson’s Disease Daily Mail

27 January 2015 Study links commonly used medicines with dementia BBC

19 January 2015 Edinburgh researchers link living in the north with raised risk of dementia Daily Mail BBC STV