Press Articles on Dementia Research – 2011

22 December 2011 Scientists say brain scans may be able to detect risk before signs become apparent Scotsman

19 December 2011 Researchers aim to improve early diagnosis and treatment of dementia BBC News

14 Decemeber 2011 Researchers are developing a new test to diagnose Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear Daily Mail

5 December 2011 UK researchers develop a drug to control the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

30 November 2011 Scientists say eating oily fish may help prevent the onset of dementia Daily Mail

25 November 2011 Stem cell technology may aid treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Daily Mail

22 November 2011 Dundee researcher Gemma Webster develops software to help dementia patients communicate BBC News

18 November Stem cells in breast milk could help to treat Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

9 November 2011 Cardiff researchers develop a brain feedback technique to help treat people with Parkinson’s BBC News

30 October 2011 Edinburgh researchers have found genetic changes in the brain could lead to Parkinsons or dementia BBC News

19 October 2011 Bristol researchers use blood pressure drugs to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

14 September 2011 Oxford researchers find that taking vitamins could help prevent dementia The Scotsman

7 September 2011 Cambridge researchers develop a new Alzheimer’s test. Daily Mail

26 August 2011 NHS Tayside funds a study into the effects of dementia on families The Herald

26 August 2011 American researchers find that moderate drinking may protect against dementia Daily Mail

25 August 2011 Canadian study links high salt intake with risk of Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

25 August 2011 London researchers find changes in protein levels in the brain which may indicate risk of Alzheimer’s The Herald

17 August 2011 Scottish football clubs help Glasgow Caledonian University in its dementia study in the Evening Times & STV

10 August 2011 Sleep apnoea linked with risk of dementia Mail Online

10 August 2011 Lancaster Researcher claims “Alzheimer’s drug tests in six years” BBC News

26th July 2011 US Study links sleep disruption to age related memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease – BBC News and Scotsman

22nd July 2011 Australian scientists claim developing a blood test to detect Alzheimer’s Disease risk is a step closer – Daily Mail

21st July 2011 Paris conference hears that Alzheimer’s is the world’s second-most feared disease – Reuters

21st July 2011 Glasgow researchers find a link between head injury and dementia – BBC News, Herald and Scotsman

19th July 2011  US Scientist claims healthy lifestyle could halt the progress of dementia – Daily Mail

18th July 2011 Painkillers can be an effective treatment of dementia – BBC News

11th July 2011 Sleep could prove key in treatment of Alzheimers, The Herald

28th June 2011 Dundee researchers find a chemical in broccoli which could protect against Alzheimer’s Daily Mail

23rd June 2011 German scientists develop spinal fluid test which may act as early warning of the disease. BBC News

15th June 2011 New drugs approved to treat dementia. Article in the Edinburgh Evening News

14th June 2011 Researchers believe a low-fat diet help stave off Alzheimer’s disease. The full article is in the Daily Mail

8th June 2011 Scientists developing treatments for CJD have unexpectedly blocked the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Article in the Independent. Also in the Daily Mail.

3rd June 2011 New drug slows the onset of both Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Disease. Full article in the Scotsman.

19th May 2011 Alzheimer’s Disease: Colombian research on a new drug treatment for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Feature in BBC News.

14th May 2011 Oxford researchers develop the Cognitive Function Test to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s. Full article at Scottish Daily Mail.

5th May 2011 Canadian scientists develop blood test which could diagnose early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, The article is in the Daily Record.
3rd May 2011 Study reveals the potential of retinal imaging technology in the detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. See this article at BBC.
2nd May 2011 Drug Discovery Project identify 6 drugs to be fast tracked for new Alzheimer studies. See this article at Scotsman.
2nd May 2011 Swedish evidence shows middle age fat to be Alzheimer’s and dementia’ risk.
See this article at BBC.
28th April 2011 New dementia prevalence statistics announced
See this article at Alzheimer Scotland.
28th April 2011 Brazilian scientists claim cheap Lithium pill may stop the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. See this article in the Daily Mail.